Participate in the Immersion


You are invited to participate in a
based on the idea that
emotionally stable and rested people will act more kindly to each other and the earth.
Apply below!

This year-long residential event will focus on:

  • A balance between working and resting
  • A simple and nutritious diet
  • A daily regimen of exercise and stretching
  • Group interactive philosophy discussions
  • Supporting each individual’s personal growth and ability to collaborate with others

Daily instruction will include: gardening, ancestral technologies (basketry, firemaking, hide-tanning, etc), music and dance, cooking, meditation and breath work, and awareness through movement and exercise.

This experiment is intended to facilitate a shift toward a new cultural paradigm focused on personal empowerment and cooperative living, so that we may find value and worth through internal strength and balance instead of external beauty, possessions, or accomplishments.

The hope is that graduates can leave the program with the awareness, emotional and interpersonal skills, and lifestyle habits necessary to organize small communities and start small businesses while being good examples of emotionally mature behavior and balanced living.

If you are interested in supporting, or funding this kind of program, see our wishlist or shop in our store!

Casting Call Specs

We are looking for 10 men and 10 women to participate for 1 year beginning April 15, 2016. You might be a good fit if:

  • You are over 20 years old
  • You’d like to become a cultural pioneer! (Take our quiz here)
  • You are willing to be patient
  • People refer to you as a philosopher
  • You believe that people are made to be filled with joy and not consumed by fear
  • You have a hobby and you enjoy using your hands to create something
  • You can agree to disagree
  • You consider yourself a stubborn person
  • You don’t have any responsibilities that require your attention during the year-long immersion
  • You find yourself taking care of the people in your life, sometimes even to your own detriment.

Cost is $1000 per week* you are there in exchange for food, shelter, tools, daily hands-on workshops and instruction, mentoring and guidance, emotional support, and a deeply healing, life-changing experience which leaves you with the real tools and connections you need to continue a cooperative lifestyle.
*Our goal is to meet the costs of running the program and break even. If we find investors and donors wanting to support this vision, we will be able to offer the program at lower cost or no cost to participants. Scholarships may be available, so please apply regardless of your income.

The launch date depends on whether we can garner the support and funding to start the documentary. We’d like to build a list of willing participants (see below) that we could contact when we’re ready to roll!

What’s in it for you?

  • Housing and food for 1 year
  • Structure and guidance to improve your physical hygiene and fitness
  • A chance to be supported to slow down from our fast-paced modern culture
  • An opportunity to be on television
  • The possibility of becoming an emotionally secure, mature adult human being, rather than an emotionally reactive adolescent
  • Expand your confidence and capabilities by learning real hands-on skills, such as how to grow your own food, make clothing out of natural materials, build and tend fires without matches, butcher your own meat, and much more
  • The chance to build lifelong friendships emerging out of living cooperatively and supporting each other rather than competing with each other for attention and resources.


Answer the following questions and send them to bridgersinfo@gmail.comThis might seem very personal, and that is because a year is a long time to live together. We’d like to pick people we feel are truly a good fit, with each other and with the goals of the program.

  • When is your birthday?
  • How satisfied are you with your life? What are the reasons for your dissatisfaction, if any?
  • What is your relationship with your parents like? How about your last love interest?
  • How often do you brush and floss your teeth? Bathe? Clean your room?
  • How often do you drink and smoke?
  • What does an average day’s meals look like for you? Breakfast, lunch, dinner?

Extra favor will be awarded if you send a picture of yourself with your application. Also, extra favor awarded if you send in a video with your application of you singing (by yourself) and of you doing jumping jacks.